Recently, I've encountered a problem with SANscreen's service insight failed issue and this is how I fixed the problem. Cool


Environment: NetApp SANScreen

Error Message: Data sources service insight failed issue. Failed to parse disk model information, Disk model.


If unknown disk models are encountered, storage datasources will fail.

Information about these models can be added to the configuration file under <SANscreen_installation>\acq\conf\disk_models\new_disk_models.txt>



Action Plan to add disk types to SANscreen: 

1.) Stop the SANscreen services.


2.) Copy the <SANscreen_installation>\acq\conf\disk_models\new_disk_models.txt file to <SANscreen_installation>\acq\conf\disk_models\new_disk_models.old


3.) Add the below lines to the <SANscreen_installation>\acq\conf\disk_models\new_disk_models.txt file.


The format:





(This is just an example, of course; be sure to configure the method that's best for your environment.)

To find information on the hard disk model that is failing and Google the disk name to retrieve information on the disk specs to add to the new_disk_models.txt file.


4.) Start the SANscreen services.


5.) Check the affected data sources and see if they complete acquisition.