How to verify or execute processes remotely without login to the other systems? PsExec - execute processes remotely.

Psexec is complete with full interactivity for console applications, without having to manually install client software. What you need to do is just copy PsExec onto your executable path. Typing "psexec" displays its usage syntax. Where to download psexec? You may go to Microsoft website to download this very useful tool – PsTools.


Here is one of the example, I used PsExec tool to verify Microsoft Windows host remotely, as I found out there is a powerpath failure from our ECC alert saying this particular host having a path failure. To investigate further on host level, we need to dig inside the Windows host.

Note: You must have the administrator privileges credential to execute the following task.


Usage: psexec [\\computer[,computer2[,...] | @file][-u user [-p psswd]][-n s][-l][-s|-e][-x][-i [session]][-c [-f|-v]][-w directory][-d][-<priority>][-a n,n,...] cmd[arguments]

C:\WINDOWS\system32>psexec \\HOSTNAME powermt display dev=all

PsExec v1.94 - Execute processes remotely

Copyright (C) 2001-2008 Mark Russinovich

Sysinternals -


Pseudo name=harddisk3

Symmetrix ID=000280001234

Logical device ID=0119

state=alive; policy=SymmOpt; priority=0; queued-IOs=0


---------------- Host ---------------   - Stor -   -- I/O Path -  -- Stats ---

### HW Path                 I/O Paths    Interf.   Mode    State  Q-IOs Errors


   5 port5\path0\tgt1\lun71    c5t1d71   FA  4cA   active  dead       0      1

   6 port6\path0\tgt0\lun71    c6t0d71   FA 13cA   active  alive      0      0