Can I migrate to a larger LUN (Logical Unit Number)?  Does the new LUN need to be in the correct storage group before the LUN migration?


Yes, you can migrate a LUN to a LUN that is the exact same block count size, or to a LUN that is larger in size, so long as the host has the ability to see the additional space once the migration has completed.You create a LUN, and then initiate a LUN migration. The destination LUN does not need to be in any storage group, CX CLARiiON takes care of presenting it to the host. But you will need to use diskpart in Windows to see the additional space.



You must create the target LUN and please do not put it in a Storage Group at this stage.

Tips: If a LUN is in Storage Group, the system will not along this to process as it belong to a Host. Therefore, the CLARiiON array will not let you write over a LUN that potentially belongs to another host.



The migration will copy all of the data from the source LUN to the new target LUN. Once complete and verified the identity of the source LUN will be applied to the target and the source LUN will be unbound. That means that the target LUN will have its LUN number and UUID changed to the source LUN. Because of this change the target LUN ends up in the host's Storage Group. This process is completely transparent to the host/ client so no SCSI bus re-scan or re-configuration is required. Anyway, it is recommended to perform this task during non-production hour.


Once this operation is complete you can use Windows disk manager to expand the volume.





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