You know decommissions are always the combined efforts of storage guys and system administrator, and the storage administrator are always the final person to confirm the storage is fully decommissioned.  Here are the steps that I used to work in my environment.


  1. First identified the LUNs / Symdevs that’s going to remove.
  2. Stop I/O to each LUNs.
  3. Remove the driver letter from the device manager.
  4. Unmask LUN from SAN storage array (please refer the below steps by storage model).


Host connected to Symmetrix

                     i.      Unmap from FA.

                   ii.      Unmask from symdev / meta dev, but that’s up to your specific environment. Some companies will not unmap the symdev and leave it for future reuse.

                  iii.      Remove the Zone configuration from SAN switch.



Host connected to Clariion

                     i.      Remove the Host from Storage Group.

                   ii.      Unbind the LUN from the desired RAID Group.

                  iii.      Do a clean up on the Connectivity status.

                  iv.      Remove the Zone Configuration from SAN switch.


  1. Clean the PowerPath (Powermt check) – at host level.
  2. Rescan on the Windows host or reboot the server to get a clean host without any remaining pointers to the old drives.


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