Did you know PowerPath Multipath load balancing feature?

If you have a host without EMC PowerPath (Host that associated with multipath of SAN storage array), you must statically load balance paths to logical devices to improve performance.


With PowerPath installed, I/O will balance across all available paths.

EMC PowerPath is designed to use all storage paths at all times. EMC PowerPath distributes I/O requests to a logical device across all available paths, rather than requiring a single path to bear the entire I/O burden. PowerPath confers the greatest benefit to environments that are pathbound. By spreading the load evenly across the paths, PowerPath significantly improves I/O performance.


Figure 1: I/O queuing on a host without EMC PowerPath installed. These paths are out of balance.

Figure 2: I/O queuing on a host with EMC PowerPath installed. I/O is balanced across all available paths.