There is many way of doing the SAN switches migration. The easiest method is to transfer all the current SAN zoning to the new SAN switches. There is another way of doing SAN switches migration,  that is ISL the new SAN switches, of course there is few requirement to meet before ISL the switch into the fabric.

Interoperating of the old switches with the new switches will required switch reboot / downtime.  I will discuss this method on next article.

I will talk about import zoneset method on this article.

To make the changeover / migration without disruption, the best solution is import the zoning set from the McData Switches to the New Brocade switches.



  • Export the zone configuration information (from McData switches) to a text file and edit it for the second switch on a pc.
  • In some case, McData switch allow “-“ in the zoning aliase name  but Brocade interopmode does not accept “-“ for the zoning aliase name, if the zoning name content of “-“ , it is recommend to change to “_” or remove the “-“.
  • Import the edited configuration files back to the new switches (Brocade).
  • Enable the configure on the (cfgenable) brocade switches.  Enable new san switch and confirm all device connected ports come online as expected and can see the correct zoned devices.
  • One important step, it is always good to update the Portname based on the assigned port to each particular servers, so that the administrator able to cross check the WWN easily after the migration.
  • Start to swing over the fibre cable from McData Fabric A (First switch) to new Brocade switches, to do so the Storage cables must be connect to the new switches and then following with the host FC connection. In this case, the label clearly on the FC cables is very important.
  • After the Fabric A completed the migration, perform the host check out to ensure all dual path / optimal path is available on the host level before proceed the Fabric B (Second switch) migration. This is to ensure there is no disruption on the host level.
  • Repeat the same step as above For Fabric B migration, which is swing over the fibre cables from the McData switch to the new Brocade switch, connected all Storage FC connection and then Host FC cables.