The Zoning Migration within SAN Fabric can import complete zone set information and aliases without any effect on existing SAN fabrics, simplifying SAN migration between different vendors. Such as Cisco, Brocade and McData.

Import of zone set actually save up a lot time for the migration work but there is some preparation need to be done before the migration. Prepare of the script of zone set, check the interopmode for future fabric expansion (In case other brand of switch will be add in the fabric is required)

Before you begin, save the current Production Fabric from all SAN Switches.

Example of Import Zone set. Export the zoning info from the Old switches and prepare the script and import to the new SAN. One important reminder, make sure you have configured the Interoperation mode “Interopmode” before you import the zone set. As the change of Interopmode setting will reset the zoning config.  Make sure all Switch that going to merge / ISL are in the same or Compatible Interop-Mode.

Before ISL / merge the switches,  you need to make sure all Switch in the fabric have a unique DID. You need to determine the principal switch in the fabric. This is to ensure that you have a proper fabric management  for future expansion.

Migration between Brocade Switches is very Simple and easy. Below is the script that I prepared before I import to the new Brocade switch.



Create Zone

zonecreate "USUNIXSAN_HBA0_CX1234_SPA0","10:00:00:00:C9:2D:10:12;50:06:01:60:39:01:2D:xx"

zonecreate "USUNIXSAN_HBA0_CX1234_SPB0","10:00:00:00:C9:23:11:13;50:06:01:68:39:01:2D:xx"

zonecreate "SANDUEL_HBA0_CX1234_SPA0","10:00:00:00:C9:2A:10:17;50:06:01:60:39:01:2D:xx"

zonecreate "SANDUEL_HBA0_CX1234_SPB0","10:00:00:00:C9:23:12:3D;50:06:01:68:39:01:2D:xx"

zonecreate "WINAPPS2008_HBA0_CX1234_SPA0","10:00:00:00:C9:2D:10:12;50:06:01:60:39:01:2D:xx"

zonecreate "WINAPPS2008_HBA0_CX1234_SPB0","10:00:00:00:C9:23:11:13;50:06:01:68:39:01:2D:xx"



Config Create

cfgcreate "SANDUEL_FabricA", "USUNIXSAN_HBA0_CX1234_SPA0"

cfgadd "SANDUEL_FabricA", "USUNIXSAN_HBA0_CX1234_SPB0"

cfgadd "SANDUEL_FabricA", "SANDUEL_HBA0_CX1234_SPA0"

cfgadd "SANDUEL_FabricA", "SANDUEL_HBA0_CX1234_SPB0"

cfgadd "SANDUEL_FabricA", "WINAPPS2008_HBA0_CX1234_SPA0"

cfgadd "SANDUEL_FabricA", "WINAPPS2008_HBA0_CX1234_SPB0"




enable the configure.


cfgenable “SANDUEL_FabricA”