How to look for a specific disk adapter that it was in a write disabled status by using symcli command. How to find a device that mapped to specific director front-end ports that are currently Write Disabled? 

Run the following symdev command in solution enabler server (In Windows server you can use "find" which is equivalent of grep).

C:\>symdev -sid 1234 list | find "WD"
0000 \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE19 06A:0 01D:D4 2-Way Mir N/Grp'd VCM
WD 45
01CE Not Visible ???:? 15B:D2 RDF2+Mir N/Grp'd
WD 3
01CE Not Visible ???:? 16C:D2 RDF2+Mir N/Grp'd
WD 3