When performing SAN management functions in a dual fabric SAN, perform these functions one fabric at a time. Doing so will minimizes any issues that arise in that fabric.  Leaving the remaining fabric intact and the SAN operational should issues be encountered. All operations should be performed on only one fabric at a time. It is encouraged to perform a host level check out once the one fabric code upgrade is completed. If any unforeseen side effects disturb the operation of that fabric, then the other fabric will still be operational.

 Cisco MDS Fibre SAN switch

Preparation Tasks

1. Always read and understand the procedure before you begin.


2. Always verify the fabric connectivity.


3. Always verify compatibility.


4. Ensure you have sufficient flash space.


5. Ensure you back up and save the current switch configuration.


6. Proceed the firmware upgrade and verification after the code upgrade completion.



Steps are as below

Here is the step how to upgrade Cisco SAN switch. First, you have to upload the code to the Cisco switch.



Step 1:



Do show tech support logging in to the device manager of the switch




Step 2



Copy nvram:startup-config bootflash:startup-backup-sanduel2011




Step 3



Copy system:running-config bootflash:running-backup-sanduel2011





Step 4



Copy running-config  startup-config





Step 5



Install all system bootflash:m9500-sf2ek9-mz.5.0.1a.bin kickstart bootflash:m9500-sf2ek9-kickstart-mz.5.0.1a.bin




Step 6



Copy running-config  startup-config