In the World of Computer, backup storage is any type of storage device such as Hard-Disk (HDD), Compact Disk (CD), Tape that use to storage the backup sets.


On a PC (Personal Computer), backup storage is commonly achieved with Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc (DVD) or Hard-Disk (HDD). In an enterprise, there is a lot of important data and loss of data can be catastrophic, hence it is very important that the backup storage infrastructure is provided.


For Enterprise backup storage, sometimes it can achieved through replication of data in multi-disk storage systems, such as NAS (Network-Attached Storage) or SAN (Storage Area Network), or Tiered storage system. Enterprise backup storage can be disk and tape as storage media. In an Enterprise, the most common use of tape media is LTO. Backup storage software must be used to manage the backup as part of the storage system. For example, some of the system required Incremental Backup, differential backup,  full backup or weekly backup. With the backup storage software, it can help to manage the backup system wisely and systematically.