Virtual Provisioning

Virtual Provisioning also known as Thin Provisioning. The simple explanation of Virtual Provisioning is the ability to present a host and therefore an application, with more Storage capacity than the physically allocated to it in the SAN storage array. The physical storage is then “allocated” to the host “on-demand” basic as it is needed from a shared pool of storage.

For example, large capacity volume assigned to a host consumes physical storage from a shared pool as only as needed. Unlike traditional way of storage provisioning, the amount of allocated but unused storage. When a host is allocated a LUN it has exclusive access to that LUN, any unused space on the Storage LUN cannot be accessed by any other host. It will was of the storage capacity and resources. With Virtual Provisioning, it improved the capacity utilization which is avoid over allocate of physical storage to a host.

This will help the storage administrator to simplify storage management. Storage Presentation to host for large device than it initial required, re-provisioning operation are not required at the host level. Storage provisioning can be done independently of the physical storage array, at the same time it also can reduce the re-provisioning steps required to support the storage capacity grow. There will be less unused storage.