Common use NetApp Commands for monitoring, managing or troubleshooting a NetApp filer.  
sysconfig -a Shows hardware configuration with more verbose information
sysconfig -d  Shows information of the disk attached to the filer
version  Shows the netapp Ontap OS version.
uptime Shows the filer uptime
dns info  This shows the dns resolvers, the no of hits and misses and other info
nis info  This shows the nis domain name, yp servers etc.
rdfile Like "cat" in Linux, used to read contents of text files/
wrfile  Creates/Overwrites a file. Similar to "cat > filename" in Linux
aggr status  Shows the aggregate status
aggr status -r  Shows the raid configuration, reconstruction information of the disks in filer
aggr show_space  Shows the disk usage of the aggreate, WAFL reserve, overheads etc.
vol status  Shows the volume information
vol status -s  Displays the spare disks on the filer
vol status -f  Displays the failed disks on the filer
vol status -r  Shows the raid configuration, reconstruction information of the disks
df -h  Displays volume disk usage
df -i  Shows the inode counts of all the volumes
df -Ah Shows "df" information of the aggregate
license  Displays/add/removes license on a netapp filer
maxfiles  Displays and adds more inodes to a volume
aggr create Creates aggregate
vol create <volname> <aggrname> <size>  Creates volume in an aggregate
vol offline <volname>  Offlines a volume
vol online <volname>  Onlines a volume
vol destroy <volname>  Destroys and removes an volume
vol size <volname> [+|-]<size>  Resize a volume in netapp filer
vol options  Displays/Changes volume options in a netapp filer
qtree create <qtree-path>  Creates qtree
qtree status  Displays the status of qtrees
quota on  Enables quota on a netapp filer
quota off  Disables quota
quota resize  Resizes quota
quota report  Reports the quota and usage
snap list Displays all snapshots on a volume
snap create <volname> <snapname>  Create snapshot
snap sched <volname> <schedule>  Schedule snapshot creation
snap reserve <volname> <percentage>  Display/set snapshot reserve space in volume
/etc/exports File that manages the NFS exports
rdfile /etc/exports  Read the NFS exports file
wrfile /etc/exports  Write to NFS exports file
exportfs -a  Exports all the filesystems listed in /etc/exports
cifs setup  Setup cifs
cifs shares  Create/displays cifs shares
cifs access  Changes access of cifs shares
lun create  Creates iscsi or fcp luns on a netapp filer
lun map  Maps lun to an igroup
lun show  Show all the luns on a filer
igroup create  Creates netapp igroup
lun stats  Show lun I/O statistics
disk show  Shows all the disk on the filer
disk zero spares  Zeros the spare disks
disk_fw_update  Upgrades the disk firmware on all disks
options  Display/Set options on netapp filer
options nfs  Display/Set NFS options
options timed  Display/Set NTP options on netapp.
options autosupport  Display/Set autosupport options
options cifs  Display/Set cifs options
options tcp  Display/Set TCP options
options net  Display/Set network options
ndmpcopy <src-path> <dst-path>  Initiates ndmpcopy
ndmpd status  Displays status of ndmpd
ndmpd killall  Terminates all the ndmpd processes.
ifconfig  Displays/Sets IP address on a network/vif interface
vif create  Creates a VIF (bonding/trunking/teaming)
vif status  Displays status of a vif
netstat  Displays network statistics
sysstat -us 1  Begins a 1 second sample of the filer's current utilization (crtl - c to end)
nfsstat  Shows nfs statistics
nfsstat -l  Displays nfs stats per client
nfs_hist  Displays nfs historgram
statit  Beings/ends a performance workload sampling [-b starts / -e ends]
stats  Displays stats for every counter on netapp. Read stats man page for more info
ifstat  Displays Network interface stats
qtree stats  Displays I/O stats of qtree
environment  display environment status on shelves and chassis of the filer
storage show <disk|shelf|adapter>  Shows storage component details
snapmirror intialize  Initialize a snapmirror relation
snapmirror update  Manually Update snapmirror relation
snapmirror resync  Resyns a broken snapmirror
snapmirror quiesce  Quiesces a snapmirror bond
snapmirror break  Breakes a snapmirror relation
snapmirror abort  Abort a running snapmirror
snapmirror status  Shows snapmirror status
lock status -h  Displays locks held by filer
sm_mon  Manage the locks
storage download shelf  Installs the shelf firmware
software get  Download the Netapp OS software
software install  Installs OS
download  Updates the installed OS
cf status  Displays cluster status
cf takeover  Takes over the cluster partner
cf giveback  Gives back control to the cluster partner
reboot  Reboots a filer