The latest speed developed by the T11 technical committee that defines the Fibre Channel Interface is 16Gbps Fibre Channel. The Fibre Channel industry has doubling the data throughput of current 8Gbps links to 16Gbps links. 16Gbps Fibre Channel is the latest evolutionary step in SAN Storage Area Network where large amounts of data are exchanged or high performance is necessity. From HBA (Host Bus Adapter) to SAN switches, 16Gbps Fibre Channel will enable higher performance with lower power consumption per bit. The performance is required by today leading applications and Database.

The good thing about the 16Gbps Fibre Channel is data transfer are faster, fewer devices need to be managed, fewer links are needed to accomplish the same task and less power consumption on 16Gps FC is used instead of 8Gbps or 4Gbps. The benefit of higher speed link of 16GFC eliminate tens or hundreds of ports from a comparable 8GFC fabric. 


When high bandwidth is needed, 16Gbps Fibre Channel should be deployed. Applications and Database in which bandwidth demands are high include SAN array migration, Disaster recovery, Inter-Switch Links (ISL).



 The benefits of Higher Speeds – Doubling the speed and more work in less time.

When more work can be done by a server or storage devices, HBAs, SAN switches, links are needed to complete the same task. The benefits of 16Gpbs FC add up and include:

·         Reduce the power consumption per bit.

·         Reduced number of links, SAN switch ports and HBA cards to do the same workload.

·         Easier FC cable management.

·         Cost saving on Fibre Channel Cabling, Patch panel, and HBAs.



The Need For Speed

Basically, the 16GFC is the increased of performance at double the data rate of 8GFC and 40% faster than 10 Gbe. The doubt on the speed arise, is this new bandwidth really needed and where?

·         Server Virtualization.

·         Larger memories in the servers.

·         Solid State Disks (SSDs)

·         Faster PCIe

·         Increased number and size of applications.



Data Migration – Higher speed on Fibre Channel

High speed of FC speed of 16 GFC in the Data Center is between Data Centers, Storage arrays or clouds. The duration of transfer the large blocks of data  is always the constraints and limited by the speed of the link and connection of the devices instead of controllers or the processor that may limit the transaction or throughput during the normal processing.  Table below show that time required to transfer the large amount of data at 1600 MBPS with 16GFC, When time is precious, 16 Gbps FC is the better choice.


 16Gbps speed table