On 8 July 2009, EMC announce the unification of EMC’s IT management solutions under a new family name – EMC Ionix. Coined from “keeping your eye on IT,” Ionix solutions provide comprehensive Next Generation IT management across servers, networks, storage, and applications -- in both physical and virtual environments.  EMC Ionix will now be used as the family name for EMC’s IT management solutions.


As a result, the names of certain EMC software products have changed. This re-naming of EMC products requires no action on your part. Please refer to the table below for some examples of current and previous EMC software product names.  You can find a full list on EMC Powerlink (Products > Software E-O> Ionix Family).


Former name

New name

EMC ControlCenter

EMC Ionix ControlCenter

EMC Infra

EMC Ionix Service Manager

EMC Smarts Family

EMC Ionix IT Operations Intelligence

EMC VoyenceControl

EMC Ionix Network Configuration Manager

EMC Server Configuration Manager

EMC Ionix Server Configuration Manager

EMC Application Discovery Manager

EMC Ionix Application Discovery Manager


EMC Ionix reflects EMC’s continued strategy and investment in offering industry-leading IT management software. EMC Ionix is about solutions that simplify the way organizations manage the data center, the operations center, and the service desk.  EMC remains focused on the problems that IT faces today -- and will face tomorrow -- as organizations grow from managing physical to virtual to cloud resources.


To reiterate, this re-naming of EMC products requires no action on your part. You will continue to receive the contracted level of support from EMC for EMC products, including the Ionix family of products. For more detailed information about the Ionix family of products, visit EMC Powerlink (Products > Software E-O > Ionix Family). The new names will not appear in the products right away, but will be incorporated over time.  During this transition, you can still find information about these products under their “former name” on EMC Powerlink. Do not hesitate to call EMC Support for additional information.